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Servant Leadership


The Brookstone School Servant Leadership Department seeks to help students live out the attitude,


Founded in 2006, The Brookstone Servant Leadership Department has the mission of developing Brookstone students into Servant Leaders.  Goals of the department include teaching students the characteristics of servant leadership through self awareness and virtue development, broadening exposure and expanding opportunities for participation in leadership programs, centralizing and encouraging Brookstone's service, and gaining an understanding of servant leadership in preparation for life beyond Brookstone. 

While students in all grades take part in Servant Leadership in some capacity, the effects are not contained within the boundaries of the campus.  Through partnerships with Fox Elementary School and Ricks Institute in Liberia, West Africa, Brookstone is crossing age, gender, racial, social, cultural, and geographic boundaries while instilling students with the tools of life-long learning and character development. 

Our students are SERVING and LEADING

Brookstone Students participate in service and leadership opportunities on campus and in the community.

Our students are LEARNING and TEACHING

Brookstone students engage in learning and teaching in the classroom, on the sports field, stage and in the community.

Our students are GROWING and CONNECTING

Through a variety of programs and initiatives that are offered at every grade level, Brookstone students are growing as individuals and connecting with others by making a positive impact in the lives of many different people, both locally and globally.


Fox Elementary School:

Our local Partner in Education.  Brookstone studnets are able to connect with Fox students at various points in the school year including the Weeks of Service and Fox Fun Day.

Ricks Institute, Liberia, West Africa:

The relationship with Ricks Institute in Liberia, West Africa is a partnership that has included faculty and student exchanges, video conferences, and pen pal relationships with students and faculty.  Containers including items such as furniture and relief items have also been sent to Ricks Institute.

For more information about Ricks Institute, click here


For more information about the Servant Leadership Program, please contact any of the following people:

Meghan Blackmon

Cortney Laughlin

Cindy Sparks