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Brookstone School

In This Section

Values Proposition

Investing in a Brookstone Education Provides:

Academic Rigor

·         Sequenced, balanced program of study through campus wide curriculum mapping

·         Personalized educational approach allowing for different levels of maturity, organization,

          and learning styles

·         Advanced Placement courses in all disciplines

·         Gender specific classes in Middle School

·         Foreign Language instruction at all grade levels beginning in Pre-Kindergarten

          (Spanish, French and Latin)

·         More scholarship aid per graduating senior than any other school in the Chattahoochee



·         Technology instruction Pre-K through Upper School

·         Interactive technological education for every learning style

·         Personal Tablets computers used by every 9th grade student

·         Four years of experience with Smart Boards in all classrooms

·         Entire teaching faculty is equipped with personal Tablet computers


·         Life changing mentoring relationships with faculty

·         Friendships developed between students and families carry on into college and careers

·         Alumni ties remain strong long after graduation

·         Access to advice from faculty members continues long after graduation

·         Vast network of Brookstone connections


·         Small classes enable more individualized attention

·         Allows students to develop academically, athletically and artistically

·         Promotes congenial environment where there are no strangers

·         Encourages appropriate interaction between Upper, Middle and Lower School students


·         Responsible local and global education

·         Voluntary leadership opportunities through service in the community and overseas

·         Comprehensive Servant Leadership program

·         Videoconferencing with students and teachers around the world

·         Service to others as part of the school's Mission


·         Activities designed to build confidence to include public speaking opportunities and stage


·         Speech program for 8th and 12th grade students

·         Seminar style teaching in small classrooms where students learn tolerance of opposing


·         Confident in academic and community settings